African Hunting Safaris – Hunting Areas in Africa

There are more hunting chances in Africa today than ever. The African continent represents the best value for cash in the whole hunting world with numerous safaris today costing less than a hunt in the United States. Africa has actually historically been classified into 3 major hunting regions: East, Central and Southern Africa.

East Africa is what most people imagine when they think of the timeless safaris of the past in Kenya and Tanzania. These are traditional big game safaris in genuinely wild locations focusing mainly on big Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and a range of plains game species like Sable, Roan, Kudu, Eland, Waterbuck, and so on.You could also use a deer camera prior to your hunting strategy.

Central Africa has the jungles and open savannas, pygmies and rare types such as the evasive Bongo, the biggest of all African Antelope the Giant Lord Derby Eland, the magical duikers and dwarf buffalo.

You have Southern Africa consisting of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. These countries host 70 % of all hunting in Africa from complete Big 5 Safaris to short plains game hunts.

The distinctions in hunting East, Central and Southern Africa are excellent. Elements of expense, physical condition, previous African experience and desired types are vital to planning a safari. Location, environment and habitat determine the fauna available, and Adventure Unlimited selects just the areas that sustain healthy populations with trophy quality animals. Using all our resources we can fine-tune your plans for an African hunting safari. There are plenty of trail camera reviews to get the best game camera for your adventure.

There are 3 basic kinds of hunting locations found in Africa today:

Concession Areas- these locations are large unoccupied tracts generally bordering a national park or protect. These locations produce the best quality Lion, Cape Buffalo, Elephant and exceptional Leopard.

Personal Land Ranches & Conservancies- These locations are fairly huge (20,000 to 120,000 acres), and aside from South Africa, are mainly unfenced. They provide the very best plains game hunting, and without a doubt produce the very best leopard in Africa. Several of the personal landowners in a few of the southern African countries have pooled their properties together into big systems, some as huge as a million acres, and the Conservancy was born. Using rigorous quotas and regulations some of these conservancies such as the Save Conservancy in Zimbabwe have healthy populations of all of the Big Five and can offer superb safaris for everything from a brief 7-day plains game hunt to full collection safaris.

Funds derived from sport hunting are poured into the native economy to build schools, provide income for lost crops and enhance the quality of life for both the locals and the wild animals. These locations have excellent big game hunting at a reasonable cost, particularly for elephant and buffalo.

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