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Traveling in Motorcycles versus Traveling in Cars

So, the holidays are fast approaching and you are torn between choosing a car and a motorcycle on your way to your destination. Well, if you’re a family man, the answer is of course to choose the car. Motorcycles cannot accommodate 3 to 4 passengers. More so, it’s dangerous for children to travel in motorcycles.

But if you’re single, then there’s a long list of reasons why grabbing those custom motorcycle helmets would be a better option. Get to know the advantages of traveling in motorcycles versus traveling in cars.

Lesser Travel Time

Truth be told, a typical 220c motorcycle can outperform a commuter car in terms of speed. You can even switch lanes easily or maneuver through traffic way faster than cars. In short, when you travel in motorcycles, you’re guaranteed to arrive at your destination earlier than expected. There would be no delays unless if the weather turns out bad, your motorcycle helmets need constant adjustments, or your engine breaks down.

There are also high-end cars who can speed through lanes the way an ordinary motorcycle can, but they’re rather expensive. So if you want faster travel with less cost, ride in motorcycles.

More Cost Effective

Are you on a tight budget? Then, it’s a much better choice to travel in motorcycles because the fuel consumption is relatively less compared to cars. It’s economical, although you have to endure the elements such as the sun and the wind.

But there are safeguarding measures anyway to ensure road safety when riding in motorcycles. You can wear protective goggles to avoid the blinding effects of the sun. You can wear riding boots with shifters to lessen friction and swelling. And, there are custom motorcycle helmets and jackets to protect you from the sun or rain.

Freedom and Thrill

Riding in cars is comfortable, but remember, adventure begins where comfort ends. If you’re looking for thrill and fun, then you are better suited for motorcycles. Your adrenaline pumps up while you enjoy your freedom to the fullest. Anytime you wish, you can just take off motorcycle helmets, rest on the meadows, and enjoy the scenery.

Easier Parking

Stopovers are expected when you travel in long distance. With cars, it may be hard to find parking spaces when stop by a small pub that’s full-packed or when you like to rest along a two-way lane. When you drive motorcycles, there would be no parking concerns at all because the vehicle occupies much smaller space. Anywhere you want, you can park where you feel comfortable.

More Environment-Friendly


Less fuel consumption translates to less carbon footprint. There’s less gas to burn up in suffocating and ozone-damaging smoke. With this, it can be said that motorcyclists are more concerned about the environment than car drivers.

If you’re looking for a bit of an adventure, and at the same time, you want to save costs, time, and the environment, then motorcycles will be a good choice for you.

Pack light, check on the weather, gear up, and stay cautious while traveling. Focus on driving, and if you need a little break, you can just sit and relax anytime you wish to and anywhere you want. That’s the convenience riding in motorcycle brings.